Pelagic Monographs share knowledge and stimulate action with in-depth natural history of fauna, flora and habitats. Each book is written by leading experts in the field for a broad audience and provides both core natural history and a conservation context.

Badger Behaviour, Conservation & Rehabilitation - 70 Years of Getting to Know Badgers

CODE: 9781907807046

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978-1-907807-04-6 / 01/09/2015 / 175 / 216 x 138mm / 42 colour photographs
A fascinating insight into the badger’s world. Badger biology, life in the sett, rescue & rehabilitation, consultancy, badgers & farming, and badger-watching with George Pearce – an expert on badgers.

Britain's Game Fishes: Celebration and Conservation of Salmonids

CODE: 9781907807350

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978-1-907807-35-0 / 978-­1-907807-36-7 / 25/03/2013 / 240 / 234 x 156mm / Colour photography and illustrations
by Mark Everard & Paul Knight This book is dedicated to the realisation that rivers, lakes, estuaries and coasts must be waters fit for the... More

Lapwings, Loons and Lousy Jacks: The How and Why of Bird Names

CODE: 9781784270926

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978-1-78427-092-6 / 978-1-78427-093-3 / 15/08/2016 / 303 / B/w photographs and illustrations
by Ray Reedman The Lapwing once had many regional names; the Loon has a British-American identity crisis and the respectable-sounding Apostlebird is... More

Urban Peregrines

CODE: 9781907807817

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978-1-907807-81-7 / 03/06/2014 / 250 / Colour illustrations
by Ed Drewitt The Peregrine, the fastest bird in the world, has made a remarkable recovery over the past 30 years. As the species re-establishes... More